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Different Trampoline Types And Their Uses

Trampolines are a great piece of equipment for both adults and children. They can be fun for kids and good for exercise for the adults as well. One can also pursue it as a sport on national and international levels. There are different types of trampolines available in the market. Many cater to children as a recreational equipment but there are also others that are meant for professional gymnasts. trampoline

Recreational trampolines are safe and affordable for both children and adults. Some experts recommend to limit the number of people on a single trampoline to minimize injuries. Depending on the size of the trampoline, each user should be at least an arm’s length from the next person. This ensures that users will have enough space to land and will not knock into someone else when there is more than 1 person on the trampoline at each time. Even though safety standards of trampolines have improved, it is important to limit the users so that the weight exerted on the mat is within acceptable means.

With increased attention to safety hazards posed by a trampoline in Brisbane, one newer product is an enclosure trampoline which has a net surrounding the mat to prevent children from falling or bouncing off the mat. Such trampolines are generally recommended for children of ages nine and below as they tend to have less control of their actions and are susceptible to falling off the trampoline. When trampolines are of a certain age, parents should also consider getting a replacement trampoline mat to ensure that it does not break and cause accidents to users.

Besides children, there are trampolines for adults as well. A rebouncer is a relatively new product based on the concept of a trampoline. It is a mini trampoline that is slightly longer than the width of an adult’s shoulder. The rebouncer is meant for adults to do simple exercises on them such as jumping or walking on the spot. It improves one’s blood circulation, sense of balance and coordination as well as strength our muscles. Most importantly, it is soft on impact when landing which protects our muscle joints. You can read this article for more details about mini trampoline.

Lastly, there are trampolines for professionals which are designed specifically for optimal performance. These are usually rectangle trampolines which have a netted material instead of regular mats. The netting gives athletes better bounce so they can reach greater heights and perform gymnastic moves. Each trampoline is about 4.5 metres by 2.5 metres to give gymnasts plenty of space to do flips and tricks. It is usually only used by one gymnast at a time. Professional trampolines have much thicker padding on the sides as the user can jump up to 5 metres high. Thus, users will require thicker safety pads for safety.

Different trampolines are designed for different uses. From recreation to professional gymnastics, the trampoline has proven to be a versatile and simple product that is very powerful and functional as well. Qualifying as a segment in the Olympic games, one can only tell how serious people have gotten about their trampoline.